As if being the designer of her own eponymous lingerie line wasn’t enough to keep her busy, TyLynn Nguyen is also the mother of two young (and adorable!) kids. We picked her brain on how she approaches packing for the whole family — which is no small feat! Read her answers below and shop her ultra-stylish picks for herself and the little ones.

Q: How do you approach packing for your whole family?
A: I coordinate the family. It is easier that way. I gauge the place we are traveling to and I pack accordingly. If it is sunny I make sure to grab lots of light fabrics and easier pieces to throw on and off. If it is cold, I make sure that the kids can bundle and still be comfortable. Comfort is everything for kids. As far as packing for my husband…he won’t let me. He has his own method for his own things. Haha, married life.

Q: What are your must-haves that you can’t travel without?
A: La Mer Lotion – my skin gets really dry while traveling and I love their body cream. It has saved my life. And swaddle blankets! Swaddles can literally be used for everything, from wiping boogies to sleepy blankies. Just have to pack multiple ones.

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Q: How do you incorporate your own pieces into your travel wardrobe?
A: All of the intimates I wear are my own. They are the most comfortable pieces to travel in. When I do wear a slip dress traveling, I throw a sweater over my shoulders and a pair of slides on my feet.

Q: What is your best packing tip?
A: Pack only what you need when you have children with you. Too much stuff makes for a messy hotel room and the kids will make it messy enough.

Q: Where are you traveling for the holidays this year?
A: Bee (my husband) and I and the children are planning to go to Mexico after Christmas. We live and work in Los Angeles and have very busy schedules this upcoming year so Mexico is perfect!

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