With fitness on our brains (and athletic gear in our carts!), we turned to the experts at ClassPass to tell us everything we need to know about what’s cool in workouts right now. Check out what trended big in 2016 and what we can look forward to in 2017 (Hint: Book your barre classes for January early!). Once you feel up on what workout to rock, check out our selection of performance wear for studio classes.

What was big in 2016
The breakout trend in classes for ClassPass was barre, increasing 2% in popularity with 17% of their users taking a class. Other trends were an increase in popularity for martial arts, strength training, and dance.

Workouts by the numbers
Be prepared to be awed…ClassPass members logged 563,120,844 minutes (9,385,347 hours) in class as of as of December 11, 2016. January 12, 2016 was the most popular day of the year with 31% of members taking a class that day. Go ahead and check your calendar to see if you were one.

Seasonal favorites
Yoga is a winter favorite, while martial arts saw an uptick in spring. Pilates is popular in summer, aka core work season. And cycling is at its highest in the fall.

2017 predictions
So what’s going to get us up and moving this year? According to ClassPass, it’s cycling! It’s been steadily increasing in popularity all year — topping 21% of reservations this past fall.

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