As we rediscover the journey this holiday, who better to turn to for what to pack than the editors at Travel + Leisure. They think packing should be fun—setting off excitement for the trip, not stress. We agree 100%. Which is why we’re especially excited by their editors’ super versatile and sleek travel wardrobe curation that can take you all the way up a mountain and back down inside a cozy lodge. Now that’s a gift. Shop their picks for the Artic and the Resort, and read more below.

The Arctic Collection

At Travel + Leisure we think packing should be fun—an experience that sparks excitement to embark on a trip, not something that stresses you out. But since weather can be unpredictable when traveling to a colder climate, planning what to pack can be tricky. To make it easier, we love the idea of a winter travel wardrobe that’s sporty and sleek, with versatile pieces that will look just as good hiking up the mountain as they would at a fireside dinner in the lodge. Here, our go-to travel items for a snowy destination.

The Resort Collection
Whether you’re headed to the beaches of Bali or Cali, our warm-weather packing philosophy is simple. Build a foundation of classic neutrals and channel that inimitable coastal charm with a few really fun accent pieces. Here, our editors have curated a combination of go-to essentials and some statement standouts to make packing for your next sun-drenched escape a breeze.

Shop Travel and Leisure‘s Editors’ Picks for the Artic and the Resort, now on Spring!

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