We’re all for any excuse to get dressed up, but we have a soft, sparkly spot for holiday parties. That’s why we turned to the editors of InStyle to curate a collection of can’t-miss party wear! They even let us pick their knowledgable brains for tips on how to tackle the work-to-party conundrum, what to put in those tiny clutches, and more. So before you stress about outfits, and inevitably try on the entire contents of your closet, save yourself time and stress and shop holiday party season outfits handpicked by the editors of InStyle. We certainly will. Shop their picks here!

Q: If your style is naturally casual, how can you adapt it for a festive night out?
A: Sparkle has always been the speediest add on for evening, but texture and patterns like leopard and other animal prints can go after hours fast, as well.

Q: How does one successfully go from work to parties?
A: Bringing a smaller bag within your day bag is an easy fix.

Q: What are the key pieces for holiday party dressing this year?
A: Earrings, earrings, earrings.

Q: What defines a great holiday party outfit?
A: Something that feels like a more festive version of yourself. The worst is when you put on a look and end up feeling “un you” for the night. It’s best to add a holiday accessory or festive texture.

Q: Any party dressing faux pas to avoid?
A: Don’t overdo it. The holidays are such a fun time to dress up, but if you have on one or two glittery pieces leave it at that.

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