We are so thrilled to be exclusively launching the latest styles from The Office of Angela Scott. For 96 hours, you’ll be able to shop the Miss Bardot and the Mr. Delancey styles only Spring, starting on December 7. And while the styles are as charming as we’d expect from the LA brand, the story behind the unique wool used is more romantic than we could have dreamed up. So we’ll let Angela Scott herself tell you more about how the shoes came into being. Shop the The Office of Angela Scott exclusive on Spring here!

“It was a late evening in the beautiful town of Porto when the inception of our collaboration with Burel Wool came about. There is a great wine bar that we would walk to just down from our hotel that happened to be around the corner from Burel’s showroom. I immediately fell in love with the quality and the romance of this family giving life to the abandoned Império Wool Factory in the Portuguese village of Manteigas, located in the Serra da Estrela mountain range. Not to mention the fact that my favorite cheese is produced in the same mountain range (Mountain of the Stars).

Craftsmanship is the heart of our business, and building relationships with other family businesses that keep traditional artisanal manufacturing alive is very important to why we do what we do. For this holiday we thought it would be a brilliant collaboration to utilize their 100% wool fibre article in two new silhouettes, Miss Bardot our mary jane heel and Mr. Delancey our laceup sneaker. In Angela Scott fashion we added tonal embroidered polka dots to the wool for a playful attitude. The collection is limited edition, and will only be available this season.”

Shop the Miss Bardot and Mr. Delancey now!


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