All you have to say is “new Stella McCartney” and you’re guaranteed to have our attention. The Stella McCartney summer ’17 Falabella Box wicker collection are so style-defining, you’ll be carrying them long after summer ’17, trust us. The launch includes three sizes (small, mini, and tiny) and three colors (khaki, black, and tan), which are all available this spring. And lucky for you, four are available to shop right now on Spring.

The Falabella line has already reached icon status, and the box shape has earned its rightful place in the pantheon, being featured on the Summer ’17 runway in Paris. The care and detail that has gone into this bag make it clear why the wicker style is the next Falabella to cherish. The key to the style is in the wicker, which is both woven by hand and machine, creating a depth in the color with vertical and diagonal methods. Each wicker panel take five full hours to make!


And as wicker is a material typically reserved for home furnishings, that should give you a hint of nostalgia that marries perfectly with this season’s ’70s-influenced trends. And if you’re concerned that that wicker won’t keep the contents of your purse secure, two layers of lining (including a top layer of microfiber) ensure the bag has polish and keeps its interiors private. Of course, the Falabella chain that you know and love is the finishing touch.

Shop the Falabella Box wicker styles now on Spring (and the whole world of Stella McCartney!)

Tan Falabella Box Wicker Big Shoulder Bag, $1,245
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Khaki Falabella Box Wicker Mini Shoulder Bag, $995

Tan Falabella Box Wicker Medium Shoulder Bag, $1,140
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Khaki Falabella Box Wicker Mini Bag, $1,340

Shop the world of Stella McCartney on Spring!

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