L to R: Anna Baryshnikov (actress), Sarah Slutsky (stylist), Neada Jane (fashion & technology brand consultant), and Preetma Singh (fashion editor and musician)

Holiday party dressing can be tough to add edge too, but when super-stylist Sarah Slutsky styled Sachin & Babi‘s holiday styles on a crew of NYC it-girls (above), they were effortlessly cool. So we had to go to the source to find out exactly what we could be doing to look as chic as they do! A big boost to look amazing at your holiday party? The Sachin & Babi Benita top, available exclusively on Spring until 11/21. Shop the best-selling top in six colors now, and read Sarah’s killer tips below.

Q: How do you approach looking cool while still dress code appropriate?
A: Cool, to me, is comfortable in ones own skin. When a look allows you to fully enjoy, celebrate, participate in whatever activity you are dressing for without any reserve you have achieved cool. This might mean mismatching earring because you are feeling a little spunky and want to act on that energy, or pairing a ball skirt with a vintage teeshirt because you feeling a little rebellious. Maybe it’s as simple as wearing a bold lipstick in an unexpected shade or wearing your favorite leather jacket over a gown to a back tie affair… these things help us tap into our daring side, exude confidence and ultimately look cool.

Q: What’s one styling trick that takes a look from work to party for holiday?
A: Accessories can quickly transfer a look so can a jacket. Trading a cross body day bag for a metallic clutch, layering a few stacking rings, swapping office shoes for a pump in a luxe fabric (velvet, satin, brocade) all elevate a look. I also love the idea of a velvet blazer or satin bomber over the office pencil skirt or trouser for night. Get that fancy shoe out and you are good to go!

Q: What’s your go-to look for holiday parties?
A: Velvet mini dress, sheer tights, suede bootie and a faux fur coat… check, check, check, check.

Q: What was your approach to styling the shoot for Sachin & Babi?
A: For this shoot I was really thinking about unconventional pairings. I asked myself, “What might already exist in a wearers wardrobe that can be easily layered into a look in an unexpected, new way?” When I need to buy an evening look, I always try to plan at least 5 ways I can use items in my wardrobe to create different opportunities for the same dress. If I can think of 5 solutions, then I know a few things; first, this dress is really me, second, I’m going to be excited about wearing this dress over and over again. These are ideas I was exploring for this shoot!

Shop the Sachin & Babi Benita top in six festive colors, available exclusively on Spring until 11/21!

Images courtesy of Sachin & Babi

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