You don’t have to dig too deep to come up with great holiday party memories. Whether it’s dancing on your dad’s feet as a little kid, sneaking your first sips of eggnog/champagne/mulled wine, or that first kiss under the mistletoe, we’ve all had a blast at holiday parties. But this year, make new memories by throwing a flawless fête of your own. A few hosting hints…

1. Wear shoes you can stand in all night
Hosts don’t sit. Between greeting guests, refilling drinks, skipping a song you aren’t feeling on the playlist, and just generally being the welcoming, gracious host you are, pausing to kick your feet up isn’t realistic — nor are your comfiest, most broken-in sneakers. Select a shoe with style, perhaps a chunky heel or manageable platform, that will let you fulfill your responsibilities as host without compromising your holiday look.

Joie "Nabila" velvet heel, $298

Joie “Nabila” velvet heel, $298

2. You can never have too many serving bowls.
Inevitably, you’ll have a dish, a dip, or a guest-brought treat that will have to settle for a plastic bowl from the back of the cabinet. Not a good look. Make sure you have plenty of elegant serving ware to create a table full of tasty offerings that’s worth being proud of.

Sagaform Oval Oak Glass Bowl Serving Set

Sagaform Oval Oak Glass Bowl Serving Set, $50

3. Create lasting moments.
Yes, you want your party all over Instagram, but holiday moments only captured on our phones are far too fleeting. Set up a retro photo station to capture great guest moments that will last much longer than a snap story.

Lomography Diana Mini and Flash Love Letters, $109

Lomography Diana Mini and Flash Love Letters, $109

4. Scent your space.
You’ll likely have been cooking, cleaning, and overall not really paying attention to how your house smells when guests first walk in. Keep gorgeous candles lit near the entrance to your home and where guests gather to keep your space perfectly scented for a party.

Limited Edition Indoor & Outdoor Candle by Diptyque $350

Limited Edition Indoor & Outdoor Candle by Diptyque, $350

5. Imbibe in batches
We love a good craft cocktail, smartly shaken, but as a host, you don’t want to be tethered to your home bar all night. Mix large-batch cocktails for guests to pour themselves, label them so they know what they’re getting into, and you’ll spend far more time enjoying the event than refilling glasses.

Onyx Duck Pitcher by Lizzie Fortunato, $150

Onyx Duck Pitcher by Lizzie Fortunato, $150

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