Summer is just around the corner, but we’ve been busy planning vacations since there was still snow on the ground. And as much as we’re looking forward to sun, adventure, and an all-around break from reality, packing for these trips can be overwhelming. Do we check a bag or carry on? Did we bring enough socks, sunscreen, and most importantly, pairs of shoes? Whether you’ve booked a week long holiday or have just enough time to dash away for the night, Tumi’s Creative Director and resident expert Victor Sanz has the best tips for taking the stress out of packing. Shop everything you need from Tumi on Spring now, and read on for Sanz’s pro-tips and picks.

Tumi Creative Director Victor Sanz

Tumi Creative Director Victor Sanz

The Overnight Trip
“Know the weather where you are going,” says Sanz. That way you focus on exactly what to bring, instead of wasting bag space with extraneous clothing or accessories. “This can make a trip much more enjoyable when you arrive. Also, while he prefers packing folded clothing for longer trips, Sanz says, “I’ll roll my clothes as needed especially if I’m only bringing a backpack.” For such a quick trip, aim to pack light, wrinkle-free pieces that will wear well in transit, too, and try choosing a small bag or backpack first, then commit to bringing only the items that fit.

The Long Weekend
Perhaps the trickiest trip to pack for, the long weekend getaway is enough time to squeeze in lots of activities (and corresponding clothing), but not so much that bringing a mountain of bags and suitcases would feel respectable. To streamline, Sanz suggests sticking to a simple color palette for clothing. “This way you can mix and match pieces easily.” Always wear your bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane, he says, and the shoes that do make it into the bag can be packed last, with soles up so as not to touch your clothing. Finally, don’t forget to bring plenty of power cords to keep your electronics running smoothly — forgetting a favorite sweater isn’t nearly as bad as having a phone or laptop die mid-flight.

The Week Away
Sanz takes a practical approach to packing for a more lengthy trip (though his method works well for shorter trips, too.) “Layout everything you think you will need and cut that in half,” he says. “We all have a tendency to overpack.” This strategy can be stressful in the moment, but try to keep in mind all the times you’ve stashed six pairs of jeans in your bag, only to have worn one the entire week. For toiletries, his kit is the last item he packs. “I use an Alpha 2 Split Travel Kit which gives me ample room to include not only my essential toiletries, but allows me to have extra room for electronics, cords, and even an extra watch or two.” And to bring back souvenirs or laundry, Sanz uses a Tumi Split Case to add a little more room and seamlessly separate the items. “It’s a really easy and convenient way to organize yourself, especially on the way back,” he says. “With the expansion of our cases it provides the extra room for any of your loved ones or the items you picked up for yourself.” For any particularly fragile or valuable souvenirs, however, stick to packing those in your carry on.

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