As much as activewear has become a standard part of every woman’s wardrobe (ahem, athleisure), in 2017, it’s all about making your class gear stand out. Bold colors, head-to-toe patterns and major prints are among the top 5 trends of the new year. Our style editor Melissa has picked the trends you won’t want to miss along with the best pieces to snag asap.

Head-to-toe prints
It’s time to get matchy-matchy…in a good way. Think printed sports bras and legging sets – throw on a zip-up in the same pattern for good measure.

Backpack as gym bag
Backpacks have been an accessories trend for several seasons, so why not incorporate the look into your gym going? It keeps you hands-free, distributes the weight evenly on your back, and bonus points for looking super cute.

Graphic logos
Logos are back in a big way (even popping up on the Dior runways). Show your brand loyalty with bold logos on everything from tees to legging waistbands.

Neon brights
It’s impossible to hide from an instructor in neon shades of citrus, coral, electric blue and melon. Show off your form with pride. Style tip: these bright shades go high contrast paired with black.

Tropical inspired prints
If you can’t do your yoga on the beach, bring the beach to your yoga studio with lush florals, sharp palm prints and a color palette that calls up the sunset. Definitely wear these as sets (see above!).

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