As the mercury climbs, this is what you’ll want to be wearing. Whether you follow the men’s shows, or just follow some well-dressed men on Instagram, you probably know that trends change quicker these days than a “Best Picture” winner announcement. But don’t worry, we did the runway and feed scouring so you don’t have to and identified three key style moves that are perfect for the season ahead.

Bold stripes
From Picasso to French sailors, adding a dose of stripes to your look has always been an easy way to introduce some subtle pattern. But this spring, you want to think less nautical and more graphic, so as they say, go big. But to pull it off without looking like an old-timey convict keep a few things in mind: mix up the classic navy and black stripes with something bolder and more colorful. Wearing stripes-on-stripes is encouraged, but just like your shirt and tie combos, make sure to alter the scale of the patterns. And finally, accessories like socks and watch straps count too—and allow you to ease into the trend. You might want to save the stripes-on-florals for Sunday brunch, but some strong, well-placed stripes are just what your Wednesday all-hands meeting has been asking for.

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Tonal dressing
Good news, guys…you can wear all navy (or grey, or whatever you favorite color is) but the secret to keeping things stylish is to vary the tones, or shades, in your look. For example, try a marled knit navy bomber over a light blue and white striped button down with some royal blue pants. Because everything is in the same color family, it goes well together, but the varying tones keep you looking elegant, and not like you’re wearing a uniform. This trend is easy to pull off in any situation, from client lunches to happy hour, but do keep one thing in mind: at least one major piece should not follow suit. See how our model friend is wearing grey sneakers? Put a blue pair on him and suddenly he goes from laid back cool to art school cliche.

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Beach to street
There was a time when exploded floral prints, bleached denim, and tie-dyes were best left for the sand. Not anymore. By embracing pieces that have some built in edge, you not only stand out (in a good way) you also break up what might otherwise be a ho-hum outfit. Dip you toe in the water with a patterned short-sleeve button down, then, graduate up to outerwear as you get more comfortable. Really the only rule here is that the more adventurous any one item gets, the quieter the rest of our outfit should become. And remember, the warmer temps invite experimenting like this, so until it’s time for the snow boots again, go crazy.

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Photos: Kate Owen

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