One can’t live in sandals alone for the summer (trust us, we’ve tried). Sometimes you just want an awesome sneaker that combines fashion with comfort (bonus points for lasting past a few months). Which is precisely why, we’re so happy to have Superga on Spring, bringing with it footwear and an overall mood that couldn’t be more fit for warm weather. It might just have to do with the fact that it’s been the sneaker of choice for those in the know for over 100(!) years. Designer Walter Martiny created the classic Superga plimsoll in 1911 in Torino, Italy.

Fun fact: The classic Superga 2750 came about in 1925 and has been an icon ever since. The brand has of course expanded widely since then, currently offering up styles, colors, and textures to suit every taste, while maintaining classic-cool comfort you expect from Superga.

Superga is perfect for those closed-toe moments where your outfit needs a sporty, but stylish touch. Those eyeing spring ’17 trends will be drawn to the striped flatform 2790 Cotmultifoxingw or the 2750 FGLU in the pink currently consuming Instagram. Craving something a little more classic? Start summer in the 2750 Mesh that will pair perfectly with everything from denim cutoffs to a cotton slipdress. While we wait for the conditions outside to match our mood, shopping footwear that adds a pop of positivity to warm-weather looks is a fantastic way to pass the time. Don’t you agree?

The line also includes styles for men and kids, so you don’t have to keep this to yourself (but we won’t blame you if you do!).

2790 Cotmultifoxing, $85
Superga 6

2750 FGLU, $99
Superga 4

2750 MESH, $79

Superga styles for Women, men, and kids are available to shop on Spring right now.

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