Stepping outside just became a reminder that it’s time to get your style situation settled for summer. 80 degree weather can catch you off guard, which is why we’re lucky brands like Trademark have planned for our needs well in advance. The brand’s Spring/Summer ’17 shoes and bags just arrived on Spring, bringing a minimal-meets-arts-and-crafts vibe that we’ll be happy to have on repeat throughout this year’s warm weather.

Trademark brand Goodall bucket bag in brown

The new additions to the Trademark lineup aren’t short on inspiration. Sculptural bags draw from Ken Price’s 1960s abstract work. The color of Dan Rasmussen’s coastal Spanish home inspired the look of a tobacco alligator shopper. Better still, and perhaps our favorite, the Duvall bag in terra cotta draws inspiration from the dystopian California landscape presented in Robert Altman’s 1977 film “Three Women.”

Bringing a bit of theater into footwear with marabou and velvet bows, Trademark is giving us a way to bring playfulness into our warm-weather wardrobes, without always feeling like we’re beach-bound. It’s a refreshing take on detail and whimsy that we’re really into, and anyone hoping to find color beyond the expected shades of summer will delight in hues of shocking green, acid, and sage.

“We took a novel approach with this collection from start to finish through sculptural elements, proportions and color palette.” – founders Pookie Burch & Louisa Burch

Trademark brand yellow bag gif

Shop Trademark‘s new shoe and handbag arrivals for spring and summer on Spring.

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