Just in time for planning summer road trips comes the vintage Americana-inspired collaboration between FRAME and Ben Gorham, founder of cult fragrance Byredo. With pieces including print tees, scarf print-lined denim jackets, and more, we had to find out why rodeo and ranch style inspired the collection and how a perfumer came to work with a premium denim line. Shop the collaboration on Spring now, and read on for more from Ben and FRAME co-founder Jens Grede.


Q: How did the collaboration come about?
A: Ben, Erik and I have been friends for years. Occasionally we ask our friends to collaborate with us, and lend their viewpoint on FRAME. It allows us to experiment and explore a wider aesthetic. Ben forged his name in fragrance but we always liked his way of dressing himself, a very masculine take on men’s fashion and we were intrigued together with him translate that into a small collection. If we could capture that rawness. The long personal relationship gave Ben the comfort to for the first time create clothes for himself.  – Jens Grede

Q: What is it about rodeo and ranch style that makes it feel culturally relevant? How was the western aesthetic woven into the capsule?
A: The collection is a rendition of the current youth culture found in rodeo and ranch life throughout the Americas. The idea of nature and isolation on a ranch have been a personal preoccupation for Gorham and his research led him from haunting imagery of bullriders and cowboys to uncovering artwork inspired by cattle branding symbols, which are rich in their own distinct meanings. We incorporated sportswear references, patchwork denim, paisley print scarf linings, worn-in leather vests and a collection of vintage inspired tees.

Q: How did Ben’s knowledge as a perfumer influence his approach to RTW?
A: It really wasn’t that different at first. Our process is very much about creating a narrative and with fashion it translates in a very litteral way. The main difference in this project was the pace. At Byredo we have the luxury of developing and adjusting products over long periods of time. Fashion as an industry is just so much faster. Which was exciting and scary. – Ben Gorham

Shop FRAME denim now on Spring!

FRAME Pleated Jacket in Stampede, $425

FRAME Gaucho Kimono in Noir Check, $299

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 10.15.50 AM
FRAME Rodeo Straight Leg in Bronc, $299

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