We love the look of a gallery wall, but hanging it seems daunting (even with a bottle of wine and a friend to offer moral support)! Our Lifestyle Director Halley broke it down for us, and we’re positive you can do it. Here are her awesome tips and our picks on the best art under $100 to populate your walls with.

1. Decide on your gallery wall style.
Do you prefer matching artwork or an eclectic collection? Are you more into hanging your art in a clean grid or a thoughtful mix of variously sized pieces?

2. Curate a collection of art you love.
It’s a personal exercise, but our advice to the young collector on a budget is to select affordable pieces of art that inspire you. Do feel comfortable mixing mediums–we love mixing black & white photography, graphic art and pop prints with line drawings and high concept still lifes. Fab is our go-to brand for affordable art because of it’s amazing breadth of styles.

3. Get to work.
Start by laying your art on the floor–you can rearrange to your heart’s content without having to patch up nail holes in your wall. Begin with your larger pieces as the center focal point and build out, varying the orientation of the pieces. Some should be horizontal, some vertical. Keep the negative space between your pieces about the same throughout, we suggest starting with 3″. Another pro tip: Distribute the heavier, darker pieces throughout, don’t pool them all in the center.

4. Pick your colors.
Lastly, our favorite way elevate a collection and make it look unified: Stick to frames in the same color palette.

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