Buying the right gift for the guy in your life can be daunting, which is exactly we turned to for help picking the perfect present. The editors pulled together a gift guide of Modern Classics that is sure to check off every last man off your list. Senior Style Editor Jonathan Evans even let us pick his brain on how he approaches gifting and what’s on his personal wishlist. Shop’s Modern Classic Gift Guide on Spring, and read our interview below.

Q: What makes a modern classic?
A: It’s something that may not have been a wardrobe staple 10 years ago, but will definitely feel relevant to the way men are getting dressed 10 years from now. Think minimal sneakers, great bomber jackets, topcoats with a little personality, and, of course, chelsea boots.

Q: How do you approach gifting for the men on your list?
A: Desperately and at the last minute. But on a more serious note (and when life doesn’t get ahead of me), I try to identify what kind of style personality they have (conservative? Adventurous?) and then find items that fit that personality that they’ll use but might not buy for themselves.

Q: What’s a classic gift you always like receiving?
A: This sounds like a joke but it’s absolutely true: The older I get, the more and more I appreciate really nice socks.

Q: What classic piece do you think is having a “moment” this winter?
A: The bomber jacket, without a doubt. It’s been part of the men’s style lexicon for decades but it’s definitely something that’s hit critical mass in 2016.

Q: What three pieces from your gift guide would you most like to receive yourself?
A: That’s a tough decision, so I’m going to keep it more general to things that I have on my list. There are a few very nice topcoats, and I wouldn’t mind receiving any of them. There are also some great minimal sneakers, of which I don’t believe you can have too many. (My wife might not totally agree with me on that front.) And actually I’ll get nerdy and specific on the last one: FBT shoes from Visvim. They’re slightly off-kilter, but a classic in their own right, and I keep meaning to pick up a pair but never have. (Can you tell I have a footwear addiction?)

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