Chances are, you clock in more than a few hours at your desk, so make it a place you actually enjoy spending time. Check out our tips for designing a workspace that reflects your personality and inspires productivity, whether you’re staring down deadlines, paying bills, or enthusiastically planning your next great adventure. Shop everything you need for an outstanding desk space now on Spring!

1. Spark creativity
Studies show a plethora of plants and pictures help reduce stress and increase productivity, but to keep the space from looking cluttered or overgrown, choose a central color or a coordinating combination. In addition to using frames, organize photos and prints on the wall with a pretty pinboard or magnetic clipboard. Add a few fun elements to inspire creativity — an offbeat catch all or a notebook and colored pencils, collected in a cool coffee mug, to sketch whenever the mood strikes.

2. Minimalist sanctuary
If you work better without distraction of a desk full of objects competing for your attention, design a simple, clutter-free workspace. Stick with a clean black and white palette, and use a desk organizer or boxes to keep papers and accessories collected and out of sight. Hang a framed print, or lean one against the wall.
And just because the space is spare doesn’t mean the seating should be harsh — add a colorful pillow to your chair for comfort and a pop of color.

3. Luxe haven
This works particularly well for a home workspace, but these elements can inject some glamour into your office or cubicle, too. When organizing paperclips and other mundane objects, forgo plastic trays from the office supply closet for repurposed brass bowls. And speaking of mundane office products, opt for basics that are far from boring — a sleek white and gold stapler says “I’ll bind these papers in style.” Overhead lights can be hard on the eyes, so choose a gem of a lamp to soften up the lighting. Clean up a stack of books with an eye catching pair of bookends, and finish the look with a small sheepskin rug draped over your chair for a little plush with your polish.

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