Let’s be honest. Part of holiday shopping is shopping for yourself as you buy gifts for others. When we started to think about those gifts that you love to buy for yourself and your BFF, we knew we had to ask the ultra-stylish, style editor sister duo of Gabby (left) and Danielle Prescod how they do it. Not only did they pick killer gifts (given), but they made us seriously giggle with their charming and spot-on answers to our holiday questions. Shop their One for me, One for you gift guide and read their hilarious interview below.

Q: Who’s older/younger?
Danielle: I am older by 21 months.

Q: How would each of you describe your style?
D: My style is so hard to describe. I kind of wear everything! Streetwear, preppy staples, clothes with punk influences. The most common thing about my style is silhouette. I wear a lot of things that are very fitted and emphasize the waist. And I live for a statement coat or jacket. Shoes are also so important to me. I love a sexy shoe.
Gabby: Diet Carine Roitfeld.

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Q: How do you approach gifting each other?
D: We are so competitive about gifting. It is not uncommon for us to try and outdo each other when it comes to gifts. I love to call Gabby and say “You won’t believe what I got you.” I think that we understand each other on a very deep level and therefore gifting is always great. I have never gotten something from Gabby that I didn’t love.
G: I like to listen to what Danielle says she wants and then squirrel that information away and hope she doesn’t buy it for herself. She shops a lot so that’s a high risk.

Q: How often do you end up shopping for yourself when you go to buy gifts for the other?
D: I have a one for you, one for me policy. I always get myself gifts no matter what. I deserve it! I’m trying to cut back on my shopping though so hopefully that changes in 2017.
G: I am less selfish than my sister, so I don’t have a problem shopping for someone else and not getting anything for myself.

Q: Are there any items that you both have or share with each other?
D: I have a no sharing clothes policy! I am very strict about it. If someone borrows something from me, I just let them keep it. There have been very rare exceptions and only with Gabby because I can really hunt her down if she doesn’t give it back.
G: We used to pool our Christmas and birthday money to purchase Juicy Couture tracksuits because our mom thought that $200 was crazy for clothes. We used to timeshare them so one week, I would wear it and then Danielle would. This got a little crazy because we wore uniforms and that could lead to some colorful disagreements.

Q: How did you approach curating your collection? What were your must-haves to include?
D: I approached it the way I approach all shopping, I just swept up everything I liked, and then I will make an edit later.
G: I am a really careful shopper. I usually only wear designer and so I want to make sure that my money is spent wisely.

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Q: What three items are on your wish list for the holidays this year?
D: Bing Bang ‘Bad Bitch Earrings,’ Aquazzura Mira Velvet Ankle Strap Platforms, Alala Captain Ankle Tights
G: Eugenia Kim hat, Altuzarra jacket, Margiela sweatshirt

Q: What is your favorite holiday memory with each other?
D: Gabby will probably say when I slapped her on Christmas Eve but I think that is a story for another time. I love all our holidays together. My favorite memories are of us baking cookies and dancing to Christmas songs. We get really really into it.
G:When our late Grandmother came to visit us in 2004. She was a very opinionated lately. I think that year I had braces and she told me to stop smiling. Best Christmas.

Shop Gabby and Danielle Prescod’s picks in their One for me, One for you gift guide on Spring.

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