This year, we’re all about rediscovering the joy that comes along with this time of year. In the spirit of taking our favorite nostalgic moments and updating them for today, we asked our designer community to share with us some of their treasured holiday season photos, or as we like to call them #TBT moments. We pretty much can’t handle how cute they were (and still are!). Read on to find happy holiday memories from fashion heroes you love, and follow Spring on Instagram for weekly #TBT photos.

Chris Benz of Bill Blass: “A family tradition was always getting a Santa picture at Fredrick & Nelson department store in Seattle. This is one of MANY years of the exact setup!”

Lela Rose: “I was about 9 years old (late 1970s) and this was Christmas day. My mother would always dress me up in something that she had made for me!”

Daryl K: “I had just become a mother and wanted a radical change from long blonde locks, so I cut off all my hair and dyed it black, myself!  It was a 50/50 tie for preference between the black and the blonde and everyone wanted me to know their opinion!”

(1998, shot by Inez and Vinoodt)

(1998, shot by Inez and Vinoodt)

Marc Jacobs: Marc Jacobs created merry amusement as he bounced around in a chunky polar bear getup. “I bought it on the Internet for $600,” said Jacobs, espousing a carpe diem philosophy. “But I don’t think this is the kind of outfit you can wear twice.” (Shoutout to the coolest party companion Sofia Coppola!)
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Lisa Maycock of Monogram and the former Vena Cava: “I have zero recollection of meeting Santa in what looks like the back of a dentist’s office, but I do remember that he delivered on his promise of a miniature pinball game and a mermaid doll. Thanks Santa. You’re one hell of a guy.”

Cynthia Rowley: “Since Gigi was born in January, it was her first Christmas. I love the homemade backdrop, and clearly Santa is a friend of mine, or I wouldn’t be so snuggled up with him.”



Amanda Thomas of Luv AJ:This is a photo of me from 1992 at my childhood home in Santa Monica where I grew up. This was my way of asking Santa from some nice big lips when I got older.”

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