If cleaning out your closet sounds like such a daunting task that you actually just…don’t do it, we’ve gotten you the help you need. Alexandra Loeb, Style Director at Fitz (which is a brand-new, in-home closet organization and styling service) chatted with us on how to get your closet to reach its full potential. With over 15 years of experience as an editorial and advertorial stylist, private image consultant, and personal shopper, there’s no better person to put our disorganized closets and minds at ease. Shop organization & storage on Spring, and read on for Alexandra’s pro tips!

What do we need to know before tackling the closet clean-out itself?
To start what can be an overwhelming process, take everything out of your closet and group it by type, so that you can deal with things section by section. Keep or toss item by item, working in groups. This is the easiest way to get started and not get overwhelmed.

What’s your favorite trick for maintaining an organized closet, after it’s been cleaned out?
The most useful thing, especially for those in Manhattan but really for anyone, is streamlining your hangers. Get good quality, slim velvet hangers that all match. It changes everything. This is the single piece I recommend spending money on to make the biggest impact. It makes your closet look neater, and it will be easier to shop your own closet.


What’s one common closet mistake we should all stop making?
Do not hang delicate knits. When you hang knitted pieces like sweaters and cardigans, the weight from the fabric causes stretching and compromises the integrity of the fabric. People hang knits across the board–stop doing that! If you’re going to hang them, hang them like pants. You want to avoid causing stress to the shoulder of the garment.

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about Fitz?
We are a highly personalized service that will help you feel better and lighter after the process. We are highly skilled and experienced stylists from all backgrounds, but the main thing that happens across the board is that our clients feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted. You feel elevated after working with Fitz.

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