Everyone has their own Christmas morning traditions. Whether sipping hot chocolate with your family or watching holiday movies, we believe what you’re wearing while you do it matters, too. We tapped lingerie designer Morgan Lane to give us the do’s and don’ts of Christmas morning — and what we should be wearing while we dig through the present pile.

Q: What do you usually do on Christmas day?
A: Exchange gifts under the tree with my boyfriend and order Chinese!

Q: Favorite holiday tradition?
A: Decorating the tree, I’m obsessed with ornaments. Some of them date back to when I was a baby that I have saved.

Q: What do you wear on Christmas morning?
A: I’ve worn a different Morgan Lane pajama set each year — this year I am going for the Mini Mask PJS!

Q: What’s the best gift to give and receive?
A: I love mixing something personal, like a little hand written “coupon” for a future activity plus the clothing that you suggest wearing — like a cozy sweater (wear on our next dinner date in the Hamptons).

Q: Gifting lingerie: do or don’t?
A: DO! This is a gift for the both of you!

Q: What’s one thing you want for Christmas?
A: I really want Olympia Le Tan’s New Book!

Q: What’s your favorite piece to wear from your collection?
A: My favorite new piece is the Yana Track Pant because I can wear them around the house, during the day with sneakers or even out at night with heels.

Q: What are you excited for this holiday?
A: I’m really looking forward to my trip in Jose Ignacio Uruguay, it is my favorite place in the world to travel to.

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