Charlotte Tilbury has always been known for flawless, poreless, glowing skin, so when we found out she was releasing a new face mask, we made sure to get our hands on it first (seriously first, it’s a Spring exclusive!). Determined to get that HD camera-ready glow, we put Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magical Facial Dry Sheet Mask to the test, and let’s just say the results were nothing short of #skincaregoals. Shop the Instant Magical Facial Dry Sheet Mask for $22 now (or the multipack for $80!).

First thing to know is that it’s actually a dry face mask. While we must admit to being a bit confounded at first, upon trying it, it was really refreshing to avoid having to put the normal slippery goop of a traditional sheet mask on our face. Most sheets masks are water and glycerin that you slop onto your face and over-saturate, but because the Tilbury mask is dry, you avoid the mess. The dry mask also eliminates the concern of harbouring bacteria, so you can actually use this face mask up to 3 times (get it in a four pack for even more uses!). To keep the mask in place, it has specially designed ear loops that slip over the ears and fasten. In other words, you can get a celeb-status facial, and can still be hands-free to tackle pizza and scrolling through Netflix — the makings of a blissful night indeed.


Another thing we love about Tilbury’s face mask is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The release effects of the mask continue to last for up to eight hours after using. That means when you’re waiting in line at Starbucks, you’re masking. On the train? Masking. Re-watching your Instagram feed for the 10th time today hoping for something new? Still masking.

Here are the ingredients that make this mask so magical and keep working long after you do:
Vitamin B3 brightens, tones and revives.
The Plant Stem Cell Matrix lifts the skin, and helps to decrease wrinkles.
Crocus Bulb Extract re-densifies the skin. It supports reconstruction, and encourages collagen/elastin production.
Peptides work together to reduce wrinkles.
Magic oils & butters help strengthen the lipidic barrier for a natural, nourished glow.

When it’s all said and done, our absolute favorite takeaway from using this mask was discovering that it may have answered all of our beauty wishes when it comes to pre-makeup prep. The mask leaves your face with a natural highlight, the perfect glow, and just the right amount of moisture — all qualities that give you the quintessential foundation to apply any makeup look. After all, it’s no secret that the key to a flawless makeup routine starts with great skin. So whether your makeup mood is a natural play, dewy chic, or full glam, Charlotte Tilbury’s new face mask is the perfect head-start to nailing any look with ease.

Shop the Instant Magical Facial Dry Sheet Mask for $22 now (or the multipack for $80!)!

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