Good to news to fans of Axel Arigato — the footwear and accessories line you’re already shopping for art and music-inspired design recently expanded its offerings to include apparel, too. The six-piece capsule includes hoodies, sweatshirts, trousers, t-shirts, and more, all designed impeccably. The color palette stays simple, but essential, with four options that allow detailing to stand out. Axel Arigato’s Japanese branding and counter-cultural references are clear throughout the collection, available on Spring. Shop Axel Arigato now, and gead on for our interview with the brand.

Q: What was the inspiration for this first collection?
A: This first drop was a way of creating the Axel Arigato persona, how the brand sees its customers styling its sneakers. The collection is also a response to what the head designer sees around him, what he feels is relevant and interesting right now.


Q: Why did the brand decide to explore apparel?
A: With the desire to build Axel Arigato as a modern brand and to continually deepen the product offering, the launch of the capsule collection felt like a natural step after introducing Bags and Objects in the Fall of 2016.

Q: How does it tie back to the brand’s shoes?
A: The ambition with the apparel was to translate the same design ethos into the clothing as with the sneakers. That is, to create products that aren’t too abstract or conceptual. It needed to be functional and to be worn by someone real.


Q: Are there any standouts within this collection?
A: The hoodie is an important piece in the collection. A hoodie, black tailored pants, and a pair of sneakers. It’s like the new type of uniform.

Q: What are the future apparel plans for the brand?
A: The brand has no plans to produce produce traditional seasonal collections, but at the same time it’s not in a place to release a new piece of clothing every week as with sneakers since the beginning. The idea is to capsule the collections and work with several drops to still keep a fresh flow of products.


“I love working with drops, because it allows me to experiment and play around with concepts on a smaller scale. Among the key pieces is the hoodie which I believe really embodies where we want to be within clothing.” – Creative Director, Max Svärdh 

Shop Axel Arigato, including the new clothing capsule as well as all items from the brand, on Spring.

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