In celebration of Mother’s Day, our team is chatting up some of our favorite designing moms to get their advice on motherhood while simultaneously running a brand. Our series is four parts, and you’re going to want to follow. First, we were lucky enough to chat with and get a good dose of Mother’s Day wisdom from Jennifer Fisher, mom to Shane and Drew, a boy and girl ages 12 and 10. Becoming a mom is part of what inspired Jennifer to become a jewelry designer. In searching for necklace containing her son’s name, she wasn’t able to find one that helped her express her personal style. She made her own, and has been helping us express our personal style ever since. Read on for Jennifer’s take on being a mom, successful designer and entrepreneur. It’s definitely time to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom too, and we have a gift guide for that.

Q: How will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Do you have any traditions?
A: Ideally to have breakfast in bed prepared and served by my kids…(I’m working on the barista coffee delivery with Drew already to prep for MD… just taught her how to use the Nespresso. 🙂 We normally go to a nice family dinner of my choice..this year will be Lure for oysters, sushi and a martini for Mom!

Q: How has being a mother impacted your work as a designer?
A: Immensely to say the least…I wouldn’t be a designer if it wasn’t for my children. They are the reason my company was created!

Q: How do you juggle the responsibilities of motherhood and your own line?
A: Since I have always had the business (started it when Shane was 6 months old) our family is well adapted to the insane schedule and workload. We have specific family time and make sure we take trips as a family alone often.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to every new mother?
A: It gets easier!!! And YES you can go back to work! Yes there are moments of guilt as a working mother but I think it pays off. Especially now that my kids see how the business has grown. Drew wants to take over the company one day.

Q: Any favorite anecdotes to share about your own mother?
A: She is a huge part of the reason I am a die hard advocate of expressing your own personal style. She let me express my own fashion sense at a very young age… when I would ONLY wear dresses… and then when I would ONLY wear pants… she allowed it. She drove me to Melrose in High School to buy “crotch pants” and white pointed toe punk boots. I’m now allowing the same liberties with Drew and Shane. I don’t care what they wear as long as they feel like themselves.

Q: And what’s one piece of advice you’d give to every entrepreneur?
A: Don’t take NO for an answer…I always say if I had a dollar for each time someone told me no or that my company would never make it making “Mom” jewelry…

Jennifer’s five favorite pieces from her own collection, shoppable on Spring:


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