Holiday party season is upon us! So we turned to one of the best party guests we know to give us his tips on how to crush the festive circuit this season. Read Zach Weiss’s tips below and follow his always-enviable exploits on his Instagram. Shop all the festive looks for him and for her on Spring!

1. Fly solo
Unless you’re asked to bring a guest, it’s always best to show up to the party on your own. After all, the invitation was addressed to you, not your 3 friends. While it might be nice to have your squad there as an easy way to socialize, flying solo shows the host you’re open to making new acquaintances. Best of all, you could end up meeting a special someone along the way.

2. Introduce everyone
Even if you’re making small talk, make sure all parties know each other at least by their first and last name. Bonus points if you can give a positive rundown of exactly what they do for work, where they’re from, or who they’re dating. Be their hype man. This allows for new avenues of conversation, and forms an instant connection between two new people.

3. Make the commitment
The holiday seasons often means attending several parties in one evening, but instead of spreading yourself thin across multiple gatherings, I always make the case for commitment. Rather than making a 30 minute appearance at 4 different parties, spending your night at one party shows the host that you value their time and effort they put into the evening, and that you’re not just there for the crab cakes.

4. It’s all relative
It goes without saying that you should never show up to a party empty handed, but this especially rings true when it comes to beverages of the adult variety. Regardless of size, throwing a good party can get expensive for a host, so offer to contribute to the cocktails on offer with a bottle of something nice, and don’t spend your night babysitting it. Think of it as your donation to the party as a whole, and know that there’s always more hooch where that came from.

5. Show your appreciation
Sending a handwritten “Thank You” note to the host a week after the party shows that their hard work wasn’t overlooked. It goes a step beyond a text or an e-mail since you took the time to put pen to paper and drop it off in the mailbox on your way to work. The note also acts as a chance to show off your personal style through your choice of card stock, stamps, and the cursive you kinda-sorta remember from 3rd grade.

Shop all the festive looks for him and for her on Spring!

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