And just like that, the holidays are upon us! Here at Spring, we’re all about rediscovering the joy that we experience every holiday season. So think of it as old school feeling with seriously new school shopping. We’re kicking it all off by rediscovering the journey this holiday, so whether you are heading home or going on a tropical escape, we have you covered. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, and while we can’t make your lines shorter, we can make it super simple to know what to wear and pack.

1. Travel wrap
A scarf that doubles as a blanket is the ultimate in light packing, and major bonus points for cuddly cashmere.

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap, $298

 2. Carry-on luggage
What is worse than missing your flight because you can’t get your luggage checked on time? Lots, but that’s really, really annoying.

Away The Carry-on in Sand, $225

3. A sturdy hat
Pull it over your eyes when you’re ready for a nap at 30,000 feet up, and cover your flattened ‘do when you get off.

Billabong Daydreamin’ Wide Brim Hat, $39.95

4. A neck pillow
The key to getting off a flight feeling rested is a supported neck. Pick one this memorable and you’ll never leave it at your seat again.

Men in Cities Japanese Patchwork Convertible Neck Pillow, $40

5. Duffel bag
We’re not talking about a canvas gym bag. A beautiful leather bag goes seamlessly from the plane to dinner, and if this doesn’t make you look deserving of a seat upgrade, nothing will.

Coach Explorer bag 52 in pebble leather, $795

6. Makeup bag
If you have to put all your lotions and potions in a bag, make it a cute one.

Bow & Drape “Snacks” The Carryall Pouch, $40

7. Dopp kit
If makeup bags aren’t your thing, put all your toiletries in a dopp kit made for travel (see hook for hanging on a robe hook).

The Motley Waterproof Jetsetter Tri-Fold Travel Dopp Bag, $34

8. Hand lotion
Your hands will go through plenty of wear and tear from tugging and toting bags. Treat them right by carrying a travel size hand cream at all times.

Ahava Travel Size Mineral Hand Cream, $10

9. Stylish sneakers
Running through the airport can also be stylish. And yes, we count that as pre-Thanksgiving exercise.

New Balance 574 Gradient, $79.99

10. Eye mask
When you just want to check out and not chat with your seat-mate, we offer you the most luxurious way to do it.

Armand Diradourian Atlas Travel Pillow with Eye Mask, $215

Shop all the best gear to wear while traveling for men and for women on Spring!

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